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Do NOT Prospect For Listings If You Don’t Have This Secret Sauce

Going a little crazy today with some big decisions we have to make on our Panama condo renovation which is going really well in spite of trying to deal with it from over 3,000 miles away.  Noting like doing a total gut remodel from afar.  I must be loco.

And there is nothing like supercharging your DAILY prospecting with one ingredient which virtually guarantees your success.


It makes a lot of sense to accomplish a goal that you have to believe you can do it.  Sounds pretty elementary.

I can’t tell you though how many listing agents do call every morning or knock on doors or work their SOI and just do it in a rote manner and have too much fear surrounding it.

Our beliefs can be powerful forces that affect our health and capacity to heal. Studies have shown, whether personal or cultural, they influence us in one of two ways–they modify our behavior or they stimulate physiological changes in our endocrine or immune systems. 

Believing, when prospecting, that you’re going to get a new listing every morning is the super-hot chili sauce that makes it happen.

The key is you really have to REALLY believe it.  At a core level, you have to KNOW that it will happen. 

If you don’t have this intense feeling of belief, then don’t bother picking up the phone.  It’s not worth it.

What do I do to get it?

Through meditation, prayer, journaling and affirmations….all these can help you with your attitude, your mindset and your belief system.

Make this your focus.  Make this your credo.  Make this your mantra to become an Unleashed Listing Agent.

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