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Do Small, Do Consistent, Get Listings

So sad this morning, as I write this, to be packing to head on back to San Francisco today after a wonderful time in Panama.  Really got a lot accomplished here, so happy about that.

I am also happy about something a listing agent in Baton Rouge told me yesterday who was going through my Top Producer Blueprint course.  It dawned on her that there is one thing that is more important than anything in having a successful listing business.


I really love it when someone really gets it on a point I have been talking about for years.

Consistency is THE most important driver in our business we have to understand, embrace and nurture.

Whatever we do to get new listings, whether it’s calling our SOI, calling expireds, being on boards, FB ads, SEO marketing, working probates, etc, we have to do it consistently.

I know I sound like a broken record, but this listing agent’s conversation really drove home how vital this is.

She does mostly referral work.  She hardly prospects or even calls her SOI that often.

But she started recently knocking on doors in her neighborhood of choice.  And she laughs because she told me she only knocks on about 5 doors each time.  She’s older and says she doesn’t have the energy to do more.

But she’s been doing it consistently 3 times a week for the last month.  That’s only 15 doors a week.

And she is “over the moon” she got her first listing because of it.

In the world of knocking on doors, 5 doors a day is nothing.

But she is doing it consistently.

So whatever you choose to do, start out small and make the commitment to start out consistently. 

Every day.

Every week.

Every month.

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