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Do This Each Day To 10X Your Listings and Income

Reading the new book by my mentor, Brendon Burchard, “High Performance Habits” which you can get for free right here.   It’s about how extraordinary people become that way.

It reminds me that grit and determination in becoming a great listing agent will go far but,  combined with vision and hope…..THAT will make you an Agent Unleashed.

When you have the vision and BELIEVE in that vision is when the magic happens.

So many of us work our ass off each day grinding through the day without keeping your vision and your focus on the prize, whatever that is for you.

I find when you keep that vision in front of you each day and combine that with a joyful outlook is when you are successful.  And one of my favorite lines is “don’t judge the success of your day by your results, judge the success of your day by your actions”.

And actions my dear, speak volumes.

Look at all the words I am using.  Joy.  Vision.  Actions. Success.

How do Agents Unleashed make these words materialize?

By starting your day on the right foot.

I myself start by working out for energy, drinking hot lemon water to cleanse, writing out my goals and affirmations to keep my vision in the forefront, eat a healthy shake for energy and hit my calls each morning. 

You can do something similar, whatever makes you comfortable or your own version of the above.   

Probably preaching to the choir, but you know what you need to do to feel joyous, keep your vision in mind and rock your biz to the moon and back, don’t you?

And you probably know that how you start your day determines how everything.

This is the most important part of your day.

And the key to it all is simplicity and consistency.

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