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Do This Search For Free Listings

Having a blast in Michigan with my parents, I am so blessed to have them in my life. 

I am also blessed to have connections with so many Unleashed listing agents across the country.

I just spoke to a super cool agent in Washington who reminded me that one can make a killing in getting new listings for almost no money doing one kind of search.

Property owners that are behind on their taxes.

You can research homes that are behind in paying their property taxes.  These houses give you an enormous opportunity! Did you know that over 23% of homes that are sold in any given year have some type of back tax to pay?

The fact that these many sellers are behind on property taxes is amazing to me. 

And an amazing opportunity.

Full disclosure:  I have never tried finding listings using this approach.

This agent told me you can locate properties in your city that have overdue property taxes on the county clerk’s website.

I would identify these properties and knock on their doors, start a mailing campaign or try finding their phone numbers and call them.

I would imagine there would be a large number of property owners with unpaid back taxes, who may also be behind in their mortgage payments, and they may be strongly motivated to sell.

Identifying these raccoons could be well worth the effort and could bring you a new source of Unleashed listings!

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