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Do This To Get Excited About More Listings

Well, I am closing up shop for the holidays.

Leaving on Monday, Christmas Eve, in the morning to visit the family in the Detroit suburbs, lucky me.

But do we ever really close up shop as Epic listing agents?

I will be gone a week and during that time I will be putting the finishing touches on my business plan for 2019.

I will be fielding calls and emails from clients should they arise.

I will be coordinating stuff with my business partner as stuff arises.

I will be working with my peeps in the Top Producer Collective (TPC).

And I will be watching what I eat and trying to work out a little while there.

I LOVE being an entrepreneur!

I love real estate, I love partnering with TPC peeps and I love helping others achieve their dreams.

This is what being an entrepreneur is all about. 

Being passionate about your Epic listing business. 

Loving it so much, it’s hard to close up shop.

Are you passionate about your business?

If not, what is not working for you?

If you’re not super excited about your biz, what can you change in it that would get you excited?

Can you give away the paperwork responsibilities?

Can you work with only listings?

Can you change your prospecting methods to ones that you love doing?

Think about how you can change your business over the New Year holiday and as your putting your finishing touches on your 2019 plan.

Sometimes just tweaking things here and there is all it takes.

Because this sweet life of ours is too damn short to not be excited about what we’re doing in our biz.

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