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Do This To Get Listings At A Minimum

Hope you had a great weekend!  Man it’s been crazy, now that I base myself out of Panama, my time in San Francisco is intense meetings with clients.  It’s all good, my new favorite expression is “shaking hands and kissing babies” while I’m here in SF.  Getting ready to head back to Panama on Wednesday.

I have talked about the importance of having routines.  The importance of always doing the same things each day that will get you to your goals.  Being consistent is THE thing that is going to make shit happen in your life and get the listings you want to have.

And then there are minimum standards.

We all have to have minimum standards.  Things you WILL do every day come hell or high water.

In the Collective, I am always talking about this.  What are the things that you WILL  do every day, especially Monday to Friday to get listings that you will do no matter what happens in your life.

I don’t care if your dog dies, your wife leaves you, your house burns down, you will do these certain things.

And they can be small things.

For some of you, taking 20 minutes each day to call your SOI at a minimum or call 2 people in your SOI could be your minimum standard.  Just 2 people.  I mean, I don’t care if you’re busier than God on Easter Sunday, everyone can call just 2 people!

For me, my minimum is to call for one hour a day each day Monday to Friday.  90% of the time, I am calling my SOI, my expireds and probate attorneys for usually 2 hours a day.

But the point is, when I at least call for the one hour a day, I FEEL GREAT about my day.

So tell me right here what your minimum standard is each day to get listings as an Agent Unleashed.

Start small, really small.  And then do it every day without fail.  

You’ll become more and more confident and comfortable doing it and I bet you’ll eventually raise your standard each day.

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