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Do This To Get Listings At Open Houses

Well, it sounds like open houses are coming back to San Francisco.  The Realtor board is going to start allowing them.  Due to our controls, Covid in our fair City is getting under control, just last week Friday, my doctor friend said it was the first day there were no Covid cases at all at SF General Hospital.  Thank God!

Have I told you I seriously DISLIKE open houses?  Not really a good use of my time and I hate carrying those signs.  🙁

But it got me thinking, why don’t we ask for referrals at open houses?

Ok, so I’m not a big fan of open houses.  I try to get others to cover my open houses.

And I know you probably are doing open houses.  Most agents do them.

So why not ask people as they come in or as they are leaving for referrals?

As a listing agent, it makes perfect sense.

You could use my line that I use for most referrals.

“Yes, Mr. Buyer, our market in _________________ is super crazy right now because we don’t have enough motivated sellers.  Do YOU know anyone thinking about selling?”

These buyers have friends, they have real estate on the brain and could very well know someone who might be selling.

Hell, they may even be selling themselves and looking at homes for someone else in their lives or maybe downsizing.

So, as an Unleashed listing agent, ASK THE QUESTION!  🙂

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