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Do You Buy Your Past Clients Hookers and Booze to Get Listings?

I hosted a dinner for a few clients out at a fun restaurant in honor of our 24yo niece who is visiting from Brazil last night.  It was so fun, the waitresses were drag queens and everyone was hooting and hollering.  And then I realized something.

All of my clients there were originally the clients of other agents.

All of them.

I have talked about this before.  I always add buyers who bought my listings and were represented by other agents into my SOI.  80% of the time, their agents are not going to stay in touch with them.  And as I mentioned before, there is nothing immoral about adopting them as your clients, calling them and seeing how they’re doing, do they need any referrals, etc.  I have received many listings from these “clients” who 5 years later can’t even remember their buyer’s agent’s name.

After you close, stay in touch frequently with all buyers and sellers, even if they move out of state.  They still have friends in your marketplace and can still give you referrals.

Calling my past clients who are all part of my SOI is one of the first things I do every morning 5 days a week.

Sometimes you call, sometimes you email, sometimes you text.  Mix it up.  Leave messages.  Take them out to lunch.  Have dinner parties and introduced them all to each other.  Stop by their homes.  Give them presents.  And no, you don’t have to buy them hookers and booze.

But share. 

Share your life with them.  Be vulnerable.  Be genuine.  Be funny.  Be someone with whom they would want to spend time.

These are your future listings. 

These are your future friends.

These are the most fun, easiest, most profitable way to get new listings.

You can do this.

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