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Do You Care About Referrals From Your Past Clients?

God morgen from Stockholm!  Just landed here last night and looking forward to exploring this beautiful city.

And I am always exploring ways to staying in touch with my clients.  Because you know, staying in touch with your clients is critically important for referrals.

And I loved this idea from Leonard Steinberg in our company who said we should add value to their lives on a regular basis, not just at the time of a transaction.

Why not suggest doing a home energy assessment to your clients?  You could call or email your past clients information on companies in your area that do this.

A professional assessor can identify numerous areas of energy cost-savings within a home that can save lots.  These assessments cost around $400.

According to Leonard, “most opportunities exist around heating and cooling and insulation. Did you know that many people have too large air-conditioners that fill up a room too quickly with cold air that adds to moisture and condensation: a smaller unit may use less energy and achieves the same cooling. This may be especially valuable to renters…. doing right by renters may lead them to be loyal buyers in the future? Leaking ducts and crawl spaces are other opportunity areas. A caulking gun can perform wonders!”

“Timed thermostat controls for heating and cooling can substantially reduce costs and usage too. More energy-efficient new appliances can make a big difference. Newer water heating systems can improve energy efficiency anywhere up to 300%! Switching from incandescent lighting to LED’s can save up to 85% in energy usage.”

I love this idea, I have never thought of this before.  It’s a great opportunity to reach out to your past clients and reminds them you are a real estate advisor who cares about much more than just a commission check!

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