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Do You Feel Supported?

Hope you had a great weekend!  Did you relax a lot with friends and family?  I had some great calls with members of the Collective and are starting to get some of my listings on the market now that San Francisco has started to slowly relax some of the showing restrictions.

One of the nicest calls I had last week was with a dear friend who is in another industry completely telling me how happy she is that she is now with a company where she feels totally supported.

She was with another company where she was working with people who lied to her, were jealous of her and were constantly trying to sabotage her.

Who the hell needs that?

This applies to Agents Unleashed as well.

If you are in an environment where you are not supported, then get the hell out.

And listen, I have never espoused agents jumping from agency to agency willy-nilly, especially so they can get a 5% higher commission split.

Generally, moving agencies isn’t worth the time and money. 

But if you have unsupportive management or if the other listing agents are jerks to you or if you feel unsupported and can’t fix things, then BOLT!

I was just talking to an Agent Unleashed about this recently whose office manager was a total jackass.

And, of course, you know you can’t fix stupid.  So I told her to find a better more supportive agency.

One can NOT accomplish ANYTHING in this life without a supportive environment.

As the saying goes, “Motivate me, support me or get the hell out my way!”

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