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Do You Know A Mysterious Way To Get Listings?

We have been working hard on bringing a new $1.2 million listing on the market and I swear to God the husband and wife have an arcane relationship.  I don’t get how they communicate with each other, I have NEVER seen them talk to each other.  Maybe they communicate telepathically.

And speaking of arcane (which Webster defines as “understood by few; mysterious or secret”), wanna hear about an arcane way to get listings?

Ask your buyers and renters you know for referrals.

Ok, maybe it’s not that arcane, but we just had a meeting with a renter we know who is trying to buy a $1.4 million condo privately from a seller that doesn’t want to use ANY agents at all.  He thought he could buy it himself without the use of an agent or an attorney.

We had a great meeting, I explained all the pitfalls of doing this and after 20 minutes, as we were leaving, I said, “By the way, you wouldn’t know anyone else in the building that would be selling, would you?”

Sure enough, he mentioned that unit 1305 in the building is a gorgeous remodeled condo and they will be selling soon and they do not have an agent.

He said he could intro us to them.  

And there you have it.

We are going to be on this one like honey on a hot biscuit.

So don’t forget the obvious leads that could come to you from the most unlikely sources.

Never hurts to ask, right?

And p.s., the renter decided to have us represent him on another condo.  🙂

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