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Do You Know How To Tweak Your Business To Get More Listings?

Just had an amazing interaction with a friend of a friend who is a super-wealthy entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay area.  We hope to list his house sometime in the next year.  He’s a real analytic type with whom I can relate (we both started working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers).

And at the risk of being analytical, one thing is super important when running a successful listing business.

Tracking your numbers.

Sure you have to prospect every day, Monday through Friday.  You have to know your scripts.  You have to close and handle objections.

But you also have to know your numbers so you can finesse the time spent prospecting.

What types of people are you going to call?  Or to meet?

How many calls/contacts are you going to make each day. What is your minimum?

How many leads can you get if you call 50 contacts?

How many appointments can you make in that time span?

How many listings can you get?

And on and on. 

For example, if you’re spending 2 hours a day prospecting and you’re getting 80% of your leads from probate attorneys and no leads from FSBOs, then maybe your conclusion is that you should stop calling FSBOs and spend more time calling probates.

But you won’t know things like this unless you’re keeping track of who you’re calling, how many you’re calling and your results related to your calling.

Make sense?

In the “Collective” we have tracking sheets we use that are very simple and effective.  We also have an automatic tracking and goal setting system that is very easy to use.

Because you have to know your goals AND know your results to tweak your business, which you should be doing all the time.

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