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Do You Like Touching People?

Hope you are having a wonderful year-end spending quality time with loved ones.  I am taking some time off this week, while still being on call, have one more closing tomorrow. 

Some of you probably liked the subject line and probably thought, yep, Chris is going off the deep end.  Get your minds out of the gutter!  LOL!

I have said this before, this IS the time, my friends, to really seriously be thinking about how you are going to be touching your clients, past and present, your referral sources and your listing leads.  And by touching them, I mean, calling them, emailing them, sending them hand notes, taking them out to lunch, dinner, drinks, coffee, etc. 

You can probably guess how important this simple action is to your business.

So be thinking now, in the next few days, of a plan for you to contact all of these people and wish them a happy New Year in January.  And while you’re at it, work in asking for referrals as well. 

There is no better time, starting on January 4th, to begin touching your clients in earnest.

You have a perfect excuse to reach out to them.  It’s a New Year!  Wish them a great 2021!

I have mapped out all my peeps that I am going to hit up, do Zoom calls with and whom to call in January. 

If you want to know what I say, hit me up here.  It’s easy peasy.

I have started out each new year with many great connections, great leads and new listings from doing this now.  People are back to the game.  They have had time off and their head is back in the real estate groove. 

So develop your plan.

Decide who you’re going to call.

With whom to Zoom.

And start filling your 2021 pipeline asap!

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