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Do You Lose Listings To Dead People?

I just had the most unbelievable phone call with one of my dearest and longest-running friends that really pissed me off.

She is listing her house with someone else.

I have known this woman for over 30 years, from the days when I first moved to California back in 1927 (it feels like I have been here since then).

And are you ready for this?  She told me her dead partner of 8 years told her to use someone else.

Her DEAD partner told her to use another listing agent in San Francisco with whom she did NOT have a previous relationship.

The woman is dead and governing my friend’s decision about which agent to choose!

Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous?

Just when you think you have heard it all, to me, this takes the cake.

But you know what?  I got pissed off for about 20 minutes and got over it.

I went out and signed a new listing using the energy of this crazy experience and will rock on. 

The lesson here?  Take your 20 minutes to get mad when bizarre stuff happens to you in your listing business and then get over it.

Agents Unleashed use their crazy experiences to propel them to prospect more, list more and make more money.

Because as Oscar Wilde said, “The best revenge is to live well!”

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