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Does This One Thing Keep You From Getting New Listings?

Hope you had a great weekend!  First time ever I went to the pool this morning and it was so crowded at 5 a.m. that I didn’t swim.  I waited for 10 minutes, got overwhelmed and left. Bummer.

Then I started thinking about OVERWHELM.

We all feel it sometimes. And while I might sound like a broken record – the first thing you must do is remove all distractions.

That starts with cleaning house. 

Delete old files on your desktop. Throw out old papers and magazines. Donate old books and products to your local library. Really “clean” house.

Then, unsubscribe from around 95% of the marketing emails you get. You know which one I’m talking about. The ones that always pitch you something new, bright and shiny.

Do I podcast? Call expireds? Do mailings?  Youtube videos? FB ads?

It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed.

The truth is EACH of these models/methods can and do work. 

But you gotta stop chasing the dream – and simply focus on the best 3 prospecting methods for you. Figure out who you want to serve and create your marketing that is amazing. Something different.  And do them consistently.

Everything starts there! 

Ok, gotta run.

Soooo many lives to change and so little time.

Breathe. Smile. And serve.

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