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Doing Small Things Can Get You Big Listings

Just had an excellent referral from a past client today that could potentially turn into two listings, for their home and their work/loft in San Francisco.  Love referrals like that!

And one way to get stellar referrals from your peeps is to do one thing that we all sometimes lose sight of.

Exceed their expectations.

Here’s the thing with working your SOI which I am always harping on you to do.

If you’re calling them and wining and dining them and really working them, you’re only going to get referrals if you had knocked their socks off with AMAZING service.

They should have had a great experience with you when they used your services in the past so that they remember you as a great listing agent.  Makes sense?

So we have to always be going above and beyond the call of duty when we’re working with our sellers (and buyers) so they will refer us.

I even say to them, “Keep me posted on how we are doing because I want you to be super happy with our service so that you refer me to family and friends”. 

I say this to them when we’re meeting for the first time and during the process. 

It’s a great way to get feedback from them and to see if you’re hitting the mark.

And then…..give them AMAZING service!

I once drove a seller to the airport when they closed and they were leaving the City for good and you would have thought I gave them 10 gold coins, they loved me for that.

So, whatever it takes, really think about how you can EXCEED their expectations in the sale. 

And many times, it’s not a huge thing. 

It’s the little things.

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