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Doing This One Thing During The Holidays Can Get You Listings

There is no better time to call your peeps than now.

What with all the holidays coming up, this is the time you should be calling everyone you know.  And you have no better script than, “happy holidays”.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on fancy holiday cards.  Everyone is SO inundated with mailings right now.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on fancy gifts.

Be different.

Call them, tell them you were thinking about them and just wanted to wish them a happy holiday.

Be genuine, be sincere, be caring.

This is how everyone is going to remember you, including your Mother.

Call your SOI, call your expireds, call your FSBOs, call your probates, call your volunteer boards, call your referral sources, call your vendors.  You get the idea.

All these people have something in common.  They are bombarded with holiday ads, holiday this, holiday that, tons of mailings and so many cheesy messages that we are all dull and immune to the noise.

Be the one that stands out.

Be different.

Be the one that reaches out personally, BY PHONE, to show them your care.  That is how you will stand out.

And invariably, your conversations will turn to real estate.  They almost always do.  And so what if it does.  You’re just cementing in their mind what you do and how you can help them.  Hit me up if you want to know what I say when real estate comes up.

And so nothing may happen now but your call to them may just stand out in this season of craziness in January when they realize they have to sell their home.

Because you will stand out as the Agent Unleashed that cares about them.

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