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Doing Video Is How You Will Get Your Next Listing

I have been having fun lately doing Facebook live videos which really highlight my goofy-ass nature.  There is nothing like a crazy person telling you how to live your best life, right?

And there are 2 takeaways here.

One is that you should be doing Facebook live vids.  From a marketing standpoint, it’s a great way to get your mug out there and talk about real estate in your community. There are a lot of advantages to doing these.

They are free.  They show you as an expert.  You can download the video and share it to Instagram and LinkedIn as well, which is a good idea to cross-pollinate around to your social media platforms.  People like videos more than regular posts.

And did I mention they are free?  

And I don’t see a lot of realtors doing them.

And make them short, like less than 3 minutes.

And this is a great segue into the second takeaway here and that is these videos allow you to be authentic and real.  People will get to know the real you. 

And that’s what you want.

You want your realness to shine through, with your bad hair days and your craziness on display. 

Because this is what makes people trust you and align with you.  There is no better way to build rapport with a seller if they know what you’re about in advance.

And live videos plastered all over your social media platforms will get you to that place of connecting with your prospects.

Because that is how sellers will know if you’re the right agent for them.

So get out there and let your goofiness shine through and become the expert listing agent in your area.

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