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Don’t Be A Putz About Getting Listings

Just arrived at our condo in Panama yesterday, I’m SO in my happy place!  

And I arrived to a message from one of my sellers who is under our listing agreement who told me another agent was trying to get them to switch listing agents.  What a putz!

There is a fine line between being aggressive as a listing agent and being a putz.

And if you’ve been in the business for 30+ years like me, you know the difference.

Hopefully you do.

Of course I am saying you should be aggressive in getting listings.  Making calls, doing Facebook ads, meeting new people and telling them you sell real estate.  All the things we all know we should be doing.

But don’t be a d&*k about it.

People skills people, people skills!

My client I mentioned above is reporting the agent to the state real estate board.

So be aggressive about calling you leads frequently.  If they say they are going to be selling in 6 months, call them in 3 months.

But don’t harass them.

Don’t call them names.

Don’t call them after they say to stop.

Don’t be a putz.

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