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Don’t Force It If You Want Listings

Had a super fun weekend, saw a terrible movie and went to a stupid restaurant (expensive and bad food) but did it all with friends, so we had a blast.

You know something else that is stupid?

Forcing things in your Epic listing business to work.

Saw a really cool meme which said, “If You Have To Force It, Leave It. Relationships, Friendships, Yoga Poses, Perfect Pony Tails. Let that shit go.”

I love that! 

And the same applies to forcing certain prospecting methods to work when they are NOT working for you.

Sure, I am always preaching consistency in your prospecting and do it for a while to give it time to gel.

But there does come a time where you say to yourself, ok, I have been knocking on doors for 3 months and I’m not getting ANY leads.

At that point, I would say enough. 

Stop doing it and move to something else.

I AM worried about writing this, because I don’t want you to do something for 2 weeks and say, “This ain’t working!”

That is not what I mean.  When you really give your all to one prospecting method for at least a couple months and it’s not happening for you, give it up.

Try something else. 

Don’t force it.

Remember to use methods to get listings that you enjoy doing and work for you.

When you enjoy it, you will do it.

When it’s working for you, you will do it.

When you’re getting leads and listings, you will do it.

This is what Epic listing agents do.

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