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Don’t Let Your Listing Marketing Efforts Turn To Vinegar!

How was your weekend?  We had a blast at the beach this weekend with our houseguests that are leaving this morning….OMG, it’s been crazy.  

One of my favorite quotes is, ”The biggest mistake people make is they think they have more time”, the Buddha.   

What’s that have to do with us Agents Unleashed?  

Let’s be real, the real biggest mistake people make is thinking they can put off their marketing efforts for another day. I mean, who wants to be that business that’s still trying to make TikTok happen in 2025? 

Not me!

And the biggest culprit?  Wanting everything to be perfect.  

Trust me, you and your efforts will NEVER be perfect.  (Sorry to be so harsh).  

None of us are going to be perfect.

Done is better than perfect.  That’s for sure.

Marketing is like a fine wine, it needs time to age and develop, but not too much time or else it’ll turn into vinegar. And nobody wants to drink vinegar. Ew.

It’s like that old saying, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’ Except in this case, it’s ‘Failing to market is marketing to fail.’ Catchy, right?

So, don’t be that listing agent that’s still sending out faxes and pager messages, stay ahead of the game and start your marketing efforts yesterday. 

Trust us, your listing pipeline will thank you for it.

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