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Don’t Mess Up This Opportunity!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Papacito worked hard and played hard this weekend and finished a fun book called “Bluff” by Jane Hitchcock.  If you like trashy suspense novels, you’ll love this book about murder and high society in New York.  You can read it in a day, it’s fun and sort of trashy, like me.  LOL!

Besides reading trashy suspense novels, another guilty pleasure of mine is getting new people into my CRM so that I can ask them for referrals.

I met with a new painter at one of my new listings and asked him for referrals.  He said he might have someone for me and will get back to me.

In the CRM he goes and I will followup with him.  Who knows if it will turn into anything.

The takeaway here is that ALL professional people you run into in your life, whether painters, contractors, tax attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, dry cleaners, designers, etc should be asked and added to your CRM.

And then schedule them to call them every 3 months and touch base and ask them for referrals.

This is a great way to get listing referrals AND to increase your SOI which you can email to as well.

Everyone in my SOI is getting an email once a week about the market, local news, new listings, etc. in addition to my calling them.

As you know, calling your SOI is the foundation of any marketing for new listings in your Unleashed business.

You should also be building that SOI constantly as well.

Who are you working with that should be in your SOI?

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