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Don’t Prospect For New Listings If You’re Not Doing This

Just lost a listing on which I was in competition with 7 other listing agents.  Who the hell interviews that many listing agents?  Oh well, just when you think you’re on a roll……

I received the above appointment from my expired calling with one significant reason for the appointment.

My followup.

I know I have discussed this before, but its worth emphasizing that the money is in the followup.

I just spoke to one agent in Tucson who is a freak when it comes to calling expired listings.  He prospects for 3 hours a day, many of which are expireds.

And yet his followup sucks.

I am working with him on spending more time on doing his followup and improving his followup system and told him to cut back on new prospecting for now until he catches up on his leads.

I mean, what’s the point in generating tons of leads and not following up on them?

I call leads 5-7 times before trashing them.  And if they continue to talk to me and make positive sounds, I will call them forever.

There is one listing lead that I am going to followup with this morning that I have been calling for over 2 years.  Because she keeps telling me she will sell eventually and she likes me a lot (music to my ears).  Plus she’s a sweetheart to talk to.

So make sure you’re generating leads, yes.

More importantly, make following up on those leads just as much a priority as generating new ones.

You will thank Papa Bear later.

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