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Don’t Wait To Make Your Listing Dreams Happen

Super excited to be getting ready to leave for Panama tomorrow night for a week and half to meet with our immigration/estate planning attorney in Panama City and to look at condos to buy.   Some of you already know we have been planning on moving to Panama for a while.  This will be a gradual transition from San Francisco over the next few years.

We love our real estate biz in San Francisco for us to just give that up and I really love our coaching/mastermind group to ever stop that.  So for now, we are continuing both.

At the risk of getting personal though, I decided I DO NOT want to stop my dreams and put my goals on hold any longer.

Unfortunately, I have had 2 dear friends of mine pass away recently.  One just died in her sleep, at the height of an amazing career, an amazing life with her partner and just after moving into a new house.  And it happened on a vacation to celebrate her partner’s birthday.

Why am I can bringing this depressing news up?

Because, I don’t want you to wait.

Don’t wait to accomplish ANY of your goals.

Don’t wait to start that new prospecting method to get listings.

Don’t wait to tell someone you love them.

Don’t wait to take that vacation you’ve always wanted.

Don’t wait to tell your seller what they really need to do.

Don’t wait.

Because this can all be taken away from you in a nanosecond.

So, I hope you move on to your version of Panama, whatever it may be.

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