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Don’t Work With Buyers?

Busy busy weekend settling in to our condo in Panama.  It was a fun weekend catching up with our Panamanian friends, doing a Facebook Live, hiking and working out. 

Now it’s back to the real estate biz, because I still love working with sellers and, even from here, there’s a lot I can do to get more listings and NOT work with buyers.

One thing Unleashed listing agents can do to help themselves is to figure out the best way to not work with buyers.

Ok, maybe that’s a little impractical since we all have buyers with whom we help.

It’s important to analyze how you are working with buyers though.  You have a couple of options if you want to concentrate on your listing biz.

One is to not work with them.

Of course, what I mean is for you to find a buyer’s agent that can handle your showings and writing contracts.  You can be there to advise them, but the lion’s share of the work would be on your buyer’s agent.

Another way to work with buyers is to be more efficient with your time when you see them.  One of the things I have always stressed with buyers in our intro meeting is what your availability will be.

If you set the tone up front that you won’t be with them 24/7 to show them property and that sometimes they will have to go on their own, then most buyers are cool with that.

For instance, my buyer’s agent has trained our buyers to go out initially on their own to open houses to see properties that he has specified they see.  That way, 80% of the time our buyers are finding their dream home by themselves.  Of course constant communication is necessary.  And this works too with our multi-million dollar buyers as well!

So really analyze how you are working with buyers so you can be more efficient. 

Being more efficient is key so you can spend more time finding sellers and listings.

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