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Don’t Worry HOW To Get Listings

Hope you had a great week!  We have been super busy making sellers happy, can’t beat that, right?  (except the sellers that can never be happy which makes for another posting)

I was talking to my dear friend Sharon Gist about making things happen in our lives and she said something to me which I thought so profound.

She told me not to get caught up in the “Tyranny of How”.

I love that phrase! 

So many listing agents, myself included, when trying to make listings happen or make their goals happen are always lamenting the fact that they can’t figure out HOW to make it happen.

Why start working probate attorneys for listings, HOW will that work?

Why should I aim to make 50% more commission income this year, HOW will that work?

And so, what do we do?  We all put off making decisions — some big and some small. We put off the decisions because we can’t see HOW they will work.

That is the “Tyranny of How”.

So get over the HOW and stop worrying about it.  SEE it, BELIEVE it, and KNOW it will happen if you’re excited about it enough.

And then do something that is SUPER key:  GET INTO ACTION!

Try this 60-second action step to help you conquer the tyranny of how and move forward:

1. Declare your commitment.

2. Give yourself a deadline.

3. Take one, small, simple RELEVANT action step to move you closer to your commitment.

And then, wash, rinse, repeat.

By focussing on your commitment, and not the “Tyranny of How”, you build momentum and motivation.

Soon, you’ve taken two, three, four, TEN small relevant action steps towards working with probate attorneys and “the how” is becoming clearer and clearer.

Then you’ll be in the envious position of deciding between an abundance of “hows” that all lead to you achieving your desired outcome of working with probate attorneys for listings (or whatever other marketing you want to do).

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