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Eat Frogs To Get Listings

Just finished a great swim this morning and am ready to dive into the day with “vim and vigor”!  (Once again, who in the hell talks like that?)  So off to start making calls to my SOI, past clients  and expireds.  

I just finished reading a very short book that everyone should read, Brian Tracy’s “Eat That Frog!, 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time”.  Excellent book for those of us that put off plans too long and get nothing accomplished.

I was just talking to an amazing Collective client that is working on her business plan and it seems she just can’t get around to putting the finishing touches on her business plan we were working on together.  We were laughing this weekend because she keeps thinking about it and thinking about it and isn’t doing the work.

Or you may know someone, eh um, that doesn’t consistently call their SOI and past clients in the morning like they said they would.  Know anyone like that?  🙂

Brian Tracy calls these tasks “frogs” that need to be eaten.  

The biggest ugliest frog is that task of yours you know you have to do, that if you do, will give you your greatest results.  And yet you don’t do it.

So conquer that task first thing before you do anything else (i.e, eat the biggest ugliest frog first), before you check your email, check your social media, before you work on your “files” and you will be filled with joy, determination, elation that will carry you through the rest of your day.

The book contains some amazing tips;  like how to use technology correctly to help you, slicing and dicing tasks, blocking your time in your calendar, developing a sense of urgency, getting clarity on your goals and many more great ideas.

Many of you will agree that calling in the morning to get new listings and referrals is the one area, the one “ugly frog”, that many listing agents don’t do consistently.

So use some of these techniques to set up a plan for yourself to get over your fears, stop your procrastinating and get your happy ass working on those big bad frogs!

I use many of these techniques to make sure I am doing my calls every day at the same time.  I mean, to the point of feeling terribly guilty or bad if I don’t make those calls 5 days a week.  

So pick up this quick read, use the techniques to help you eat your daily “frogs” and become the Unleashed listing agent you deserve to be!

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