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Eat These Things To Get A Lot of Listings

After having a relatively clean week eating good foods (I am vegan-ish) I went out to lunch yesterday and had a meat-fest.  I don’t know what came over me, but I had a moment of weakness and went with friends to an amazing Italian restaurant in San Francisco and had pasta with chicken AND sausage.   

Damn was it good!

And I swear I had a meat hangover all day and felt like a slug this morning in the pool.

Eating food that you KNOW is not good for you, like a lot of fatty meat, fast food, etc. will definitely kill your motivation to get listings.

One of the best brain hacks in the world to get new listings is to have a clean diet. 

If you love meat, make sure it’s lean meat.  If you love sweets, eat them sparingly.  If you love booze, keep it super moderate.   And don’t eat fast food.

All these things do many things to your body.

The biggest thing that has been proven is that they all cause increased acidity in your body.  An acid makeup in your body is the ROOT CAUSE of pain, arthritis, cancer and most diseases.  Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. 

Another byproduct of eating badly is it takes away your energy. 

It makes you tired.  Lethargic.  Unmotivated.

If you pound down a Big Mac and super-sized fries for lunch, you are not going to want to kick-ass in the afternoon.

You won’t want to do anything.

So, once in a while, sure, go on a food bender.  But on an ongoing basis, be super conscious of the food you’re eating. 

Eat well, a lot of veggies, nuts, good bread, and fruits, and you’ll be motivated to go out there and get the listings you deserve.

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