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Epic Listing Agents Deal With This Issue First

I am getting ready to extend my IRS taxes until October 15th which I do every year.  I don’t think I have filed my income taxes by April 15th since 1933.  Income taxes and their preparation (even though my tax attorney does my tax returns) suck me dry emotionally. 

And taking care of our emotional/spiritual side of life is so key in this listing business.

I personally meditate to keep me grounded so that I handle all the BS this real estate business throws our way.

You know what I mean, those 11 p.m. calls from disgruntled clients.  Those listings that won’t sell.  Escrows falling apart.  You get the idea.

Things are always going sideways in our listing biz.

And you have to be strong so that your entire day or week isn’t ruined when this stuff happens.

You can do that by making your emotional/spiritual part of you strong.

How?  By making sure your emotional/spiritual side of your life is a priority.

Doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, praying, meditation, walks in nature, whatever it is that calms your soul, do it regularly.

Doing this regularly makes you calmer, more grounded and can put things in perspective when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Because that fan of ours is always getting hit.

So steel yourself with a strong mindset.

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