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Have You Ever Broken Up a Marriage to Get a Listing?

Had a pretty emotional weekend helping a client and friend sell his condo.  He’s going through some hard times with his wife and 2 kids.  He just found out, after we listed their place for sale,  that his wife fraudulently drained his business bank account and is having an affair with a man in another state. 

Think you have problems?

Which ties into today’s topic of getting listings.

One of the things one of my coaching clients does is pursue divorce attorneys for listings.

Never thought of it.

My first thought was he was sleeping with the wife to get them to divorce so he could get the listing.  See where my mind goes?

But this makes sense.

I have always said to contact service professionals like attorneys and CPAs to not only build out your list of COI (center of influence), but to get referrals.

And who would know about home sales better than a divorce attorney?

And my client does exactly what I do with other service professionals.  He contacts divorce attorneys, asks if he can send a card to them and asks for referrals.  He then puts them in his COI after he sends them more than a card (to get a copy of what I send to service professionals, hit me up at [email protected]). 

Then he contacts them every 3 months and asks them for referrals.  He even invites the nicer friendlier divorce attorneys out to lunch to further solidify his referral relationship.

Think about it. He has tapped into a huge referral source of professionals that deal with estate liquidations all day long…divorces!

Once again, not a bad way to increase your list and get referrals at a relatively low cost.

It’s cheap.

It’s easy.

It’s what Epic listing agents do.

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