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Farming Incorrectly Will Get You Rotten Listings

I was talking to a coaching client over the weekend and they are very efficient and expansive in their mailing/farming program they had been using for a number of years.  I love consistency in marketing! But there was one problem.

They weren’t really getting the number of listings they wanted.

Actually, the listings they were getting from their efforts were pretty dismal.

So, together, we came up with a solution.

I told them to get their asses out there and talk to them.

You see, farming really takes a long time to come to fruition.  You have to mail to people for months, even years before you start seeing them call you to list their home for sale.  It’s for this reason that I am not big on farming.

What if you super-charged your farming and your mailings with personal visits or calls?

I would bet the fruit from this farm would be coming faster and faster if you make yourself known in person or on the phone.

So try this.  As part of your farm, give them something inexpensive with your name on it and walk the area, knock on doors, start conversations, hold garage sales, sponsor a picnic, you get the idea.

Just mailing something is ok, but if you can support that with your happy smiling face in the area doing SOMETHING, you will get better results, no question.

I use to farm one area and go around knocking on doors to advertise open houses every weekend.  I would intro myself and hand them a flyer to come to my open house.

So if you’re going to farm and mail one area, make sure you have a plan to supplement it with some quality face time.

Otherwise, wait for 4 years for your farm to produce.

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