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Figure This Out and You’ll Get More Listings

Had a busy weekend with client dinners and holiday parties, all the holiday madness is starting!  Trying my damndest to not drink and eat all the rich fatty food.  Try to not indulge too much during this holiday season.

But do focus, during your planning for 2019, which we all should be doing, on your customer.  Every entrepreneur, especially Epic listing agents, needs to be focused on their customers.

The greater clarity you have with regard to your ideal customer, the more focused and effective your marketing efforts will be.

Find your ideal seller and then focus all your marketing on this type of prospect.

How do you find your ideal customer?

From your seller’s point of view, which is key, what problem do you solve for your ideal customer?

What is the definition of your ideal customer?  What is their age, occupation, education, business, income?

What is your ideal customer’s pressing need?

What is their location? Where do they live and work?

When do they want your services?  What time of year do they want them?

What is their buying strategy?  They go online or get referrals?

How would you describe your ideal seller?

What qualities would they have?

The more you can answer these questions, the easier it will be to market to them, saving you time and money.

This was my problem early on in real estate.  I wasn’t clear about them and spent a lot of time and money marketing everywhere.

Especially to sellers that weren’t good potential clients.

So, when you’re planning for your 2019 year, make sure you’re answering these questions and tailoring your marketing, goals and dreams to the right sellers.

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