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Focus On This To Get Listings

OMG, I was busier than a $5 hooker this weekend!  Some of my expired leads and my SOI leads are coming to fruition now that we can start selling again in San Francisco.

And there is one thing that I do that works for me that I learned early on in real estate.

Ignore the news.

There is SO much negative BS out in the world right now, depending on who you talk to. 

Basically, the world is going to end soon.

You do know that news organizations in the U.S. are very focused on what can get the most eyeballs so it’s all about sensationalizing everything.

And as many of my foreign friends say, U.S. news organizations are also VERY U.S.’centric.  You don’t hear much about what’s going on around the world.

And there is a lot of great stuff happening worldwide.  Ok, rant over.

Here’s the thing:  Stop listening to all the negative stuff out there in the news, from your friends and family, stop gossiping about it, stop thinking about it and just focus on yourself.

Focus on what you can change to make yourself better and stronger during these crazy times.

What can you do to take advantage of this particular market?

I always say I can get depressed on my own.  I don’t need others to do that for me.

So stop listening to the news and everyone else. 

The secret to success:  Just focus on your own shit.

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