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Get Your Happy Butt Off the Pity Pot!

Boy was I pissed! 

We worked super hard to get a listing of a high-end condo in one of the best parts of San Francisco over the last few days.  It is a beautiful condo and the executor, who was referred to me from a probate attorney I know, was always very complimentary of everything we did.

She loved our comparative market analysis, loved our marketing approach, we had a lot in common with our families and where we were from, blah, blah, blah.

And them boom!  She gave the listing to another listing agent.

Man, was I on the pity pot last night!

For like 20 minutes.

When you have setbacks in your business, and you will, allow yourself to get upset.

For 20 minutes.

After over 2 decades as a listing agent,  here’s how I dealt with yesterday’s setback and every setback that comes my way.

Give yourself permission to get mad. But for just 20 minutes.

That’s it.

You get a 20 minute pity party.

Yell. Scream. Punch a pillow. Kick a wall.

20 minutes.

Then, you let it go.

You leave it behind in the rear view and figure out your next steps.

Because stopping is NEVER an option.

So you move forward.

You stay agile.

You adapt. You adjust.

But you never, ever stop.

As my mentor, Ryan Lee, says, “You can turn ANY setback into an opportunity.  You reframe it.”

Just as this happened, my doctor called me yesterday with even better news about my health.  I think I mentioned I had a health scare about 2 weeks ago.

It’s things like this that can put things in perspective.

As Ryan says, “Perspective can be an entrepreneur’s best friend especially in the face of a crushing setback.”

So when you screw up a listing appointment, jump in the pity pot for 20 minutes.

Then learn from it.

Then put it in perspective.

Then get your happy ass back in the game!

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