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Get High-End Listings By Doing These Things

My last weekend in San Francisco proved to be super busy breaking bread with clients.  As with many of you, most of my clients turn into great friends, so as busy as I was, it was a lot of fun reconnecting with everyone.  One client gave me a referral to a high-end listing which was cool.  

And speaking of high-end listings, many agents want to know how to break into the high-end market, especially if you have not sold any high-end properties.

Here are some tips I can think of to get you into this bad-ass market (keep in mind I am not addressing pricing here since everyone’s version of “high-end” in their market is different):

Most Unleashed listing agents know to dress the part.  That doesn’t mean necessarily buttoned up in a suit or tie.  In my market, a high-tech millionaire can come at you in jeans, tennis shoes and a T-shirt.  So I dress casually, but step it up a notch.

Network with private lenders and bankers.  Find out who these people are in your marketplace and get to know them, take them out to lunch or coffee.  These referrals can be invaluable.

Network with your future luxury clients where they do.  Are there clubs where they hang out?  How about coffee shops in that luxury part of town?

Is there a luxury magazine or newspaper in your marketplace where you can write an article?  We have such a publication in San Francisco and it’s always a great idea to pitch your ideas to the editor.  You can do so even with your mainstream publications in your town.

I can’t stress this one enough…co-list, co-list, co-list.  If there is an agent in your office that does high-end listings, can you hold their homes open?  Can you co-list a listing if you get a lead on a luxury listing?  Better to bring someone in to co-list who has the experience so that you get the listing, half is better than nothing.

Join a high-end luxury affiliation or organization. There are many around the world and chances are your company already has an affiliation with one.  We belong to Luxury Portfolio International and they have conferences all over the world where you can network with other luxury agents and learn from them.

So here are some ideas to get you started if that is what you want to do.  Be strategic about it, but make it fun as well!

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