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Get In Bed With These Peeps For Listings

Guess what?  I’m in Rio de Janeiro!  I packed up some clothes and my laptop and met my partner in Rio this past Wednesday.  He was visiting his parents in Brazil and I decided to meet him for a week to hang out and work in one of my favorite cities in the world.

And I was talking to an attorney buddy in San Francisco before I left about a complicated estate/probate we’ve been working on and it reminded me of how important my attorney relationships are in San Francisco for referrals.

I joke that I make attorneys my b&*ch throughout the year (sorry, once again my sick humor rears its ugly head).

There is no better way to build your list and get more referrals than to cultivate relationships with attorneys in your home town.

And you don’t know any attorneys you say?

Go find them.

Like I have said before, it’s easy peasy to just call up random attorneys in your area, say, “Hi, I am Joe Blow with Cool Real Estate and I have heard about your work and wanted to stay in touch with you for referrals.  Would you mind if I send my card to you?”

Trust me, they almost never say no.

You then send your pre-listing package to them, not just a card, and then call them in a week and ask if they received it.

And then you call them every 3 months and ask them for referrals.  

Bam!  You just added a new referral source to your sphere of influence (SOI) list and someone new to call for referrals.

I would go further and tell you to take out the friendly ones to lunch as well to further cement your relationship with them.

“Being in bed” so to speak with attorneys will get you some amazing listings!

So call 10 attorneys in your town this week.  Increase your SOI and start getting referrals from your new peeps!

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