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Get Listings By Attacking These Bad Boys?

I just can’t believe it’s Labor Day weekend already.  This year is going so fast!  Hope you have some fun plans with family and fun this weekend!

Now that most people will be back in work mode after this weekend, this is the time to really put the pedal to the metal and finish off your 2019 well and get a lot of listings.

And I was thinking of another way to find listings. 

How about approaching yard and garage sales?

I have never done that personally, but theoretically, wouldn’t it make sense to reach out to these people because many of them are probably conducting the sale with the goal to sell in the future.

I know in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Craigslist for yard sales search comes up with hundreds of sales.

One idea could be to go to the sales and introduce yourself and ask if they’re selling.

But another idea which would cover more ground would be to get your pre-listing package into a PDF file and send it out to the garage sale owners with a brief cover letter telling them how wonderful you are.

Just an idea if you’re looking for another way to reach out to sellers.

What is your strategy with working garage sales?

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