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Get Listings Handed to You On a Silver Platter Using This Method

Had a great weekend relaxing with friends and hitting up a favorite seafood restaurant for brunch on Sunday.  Located on the Pacific Ocean, they have the most amazing seafood and they have something else.

A sign that says if you refer a friend, you will get a free entree on your next visit.

I don’t know how they police that, but it’s a brilliant idea and one I have been using for years and you should as well.

I have always rewarded my clients when they refer me to their friends and family.  I just had dinner Friday night with a dear client and she said she had a seller who is a friend of hers and they want to sell.  They already have a realtor, but I got her to get me in for a second opinion.

Will I get the listing?  Don’t know.  But it’s a great lead for me for a badass listing.

And get this….she wanted to know when she’ll get her Starbucks gift card.  See, they KNOW there is a little reward for those referrals.

I give a small amount on the card for the referral and then give them a larger gift if we close them.

So let your clients know you’ll reward them for their referrals.

It’s a great way to reinforce and grow your “bird dog” community.

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