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Get Listings Like a Cold Turkey

Something happened to me when I got out of the pool this morning that made me jump for joy.

I got on the scale which told me I had lost 16 pounds in the last month.

I was able to do this by quitting one thing. 


No sweets, no alcohol, no sugar.  I just quit cold turkey.  Sugar is so damaging to your body and I read that sugar is the new “cigarettes” that we need to quit and that it is just as damaging.

As I wrote about last year, as an Epic listing agent, one HAS to have control over your urges so you can have an amazing listing business.  As I have gotten older and being in real estate for over 25 years, this becomes more and more clear.

I suspect this may be hard for some to read, from Daily Stoics:

“On an ordinary afternoon in 1949, the physicist Richard Feynman was going about his business as he felt a pull to have a drink. Not an intense craving by any means, but still it was a disconcerting desire for some alcohol. On the spot, Feynman gave up drinking right then and there. He didn’t want anything to have that kind of power over him.

The Stoics were big on the idea quitting cold turkey. They were big on quitting anything that had a pull over us. “Show me a man who isn’t a slave,” Seneca demanded, pointing out that even slave owners were chained to the responsibilities of the institution of slavery. The first step, he said, was to pull yourself out of the ignorance of your dependency, whatever it happens to be. Then you need to get clean—get clean from your mistress, from your addiction to work, from your lust for power, whatever. And not every pull seems so severe. In the modern era, we might be hooked on cigarettes, soda, likes on social media or watching cable news.

If you feel these things ruling your life, you have to quit. Quit cold turkey. Be a slave to fewer things. Get free.”

So I hope you get free of everything that is ruling your life.  I know from personal experience that this can be a difficult road.  This is probably one of the biggest accomplishments you can make so that you “feel good”. 

And after accomplishing that, doing things like calling expireds and nailing your listing presentation is a piece of cake.

You can do this.

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