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Get Listings, Take Time Off, Any Other Questions?

My partner’s birthday is today, so we’re hanging out and doing the whole surprise thing.  Very excited about it.  Can’t tell you the surprises here, because he might find out about it if he reads this. 

I will be prospecting this morning for new 2019 listings and then off the rest of the day. 

Those of you who know me well, know that one of my favorite expressions is “Don’t judge the success of your day on your results, judge the success of your day on your actions”. 

And so frequently, if I have a great start to my day, then I take time off and spend it with family and friends or doing something fun.

That’s why I don’t stress about taking time off later today after my calling.

I know that I slept well, got up at zero dark thirty, meditated, went swimming and did my laps, did my sit-ups, some yoga stretches, wrote in my journal, reviewed my goals, did a quick CMA for a past client and called my SOI intensely for one and a half hours (while dancing to cool tunes, I know, I am such a dork).

If I have a morning like that and get no listings, no appointments, and no leads, then DAMN, I had a great day!

I can go to the movies, run some errands, visit with my peeps, etc.

See, I know that the energy I put out there into the Universe will return to me in spades sometime down the road.

May not be today, may not be tomorrow, but someday, it will hit and I will get those Epic listings.

So, set up your own schedule that works for you.

What I do doesn’t work for everyone.

But set up a consistent prospecting schedule that hopefully, is preceded by the healthy stuff you know you need to do to have a great day.

Stick with it, have fun with it and once you’re done and you have nothing else to do for that day, do the most important thing there is to do.

Enjoy your life.

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