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Get Listings With This Old Trick

Was up this morning at “zero dark thirty” meditating, working out, drinking my smoothie and thinking about an old-school technique to get listings that I used to use a lot.  It’s a marketing tip which is making a comeback in the sales world and I have seen agents doing it as well.

Direct mail pieces.

Sending out pieces of mail, mostly postcards, is really making a comeback considering the feedback I am getting from other agents across the country and the number of real estate postcards filling up my mailbox.

I used to do a lot of direct mail back in the day.  Now what I use direct mail for is to send out postcards every 2 months to my prospects, probate attorneys and past clients. 

So direct mail can work, I am just not a big fan to use it for your primary marketing.  If you are going to use it, consider a few things.

Be targeted.  Know who you are sending it to and for what reason.  Are you sending it for brand awareness or to get leads?

Be consistent.  I do mine every 2 months and have been doing that for years.

Be careful you don’t put too much info on the card.  Sellers are going to look at your card for 2 seconds, make it count.

Be responsive.  If you get a lead, for God sakes, call them back!  The money is in the followup!

And again, don’t make this your primary tool in your marketing arsenal.  If you’re sending postcards to you SOI, to homes around just listed/solds, or to your farm, make sure you’re calling them or knocking on their doors as well to supercharge your efforts.

Is it old-school?  Yes.

Is it coming back?  Yes.

Do it right and make it count if you’re going this route.

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