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Get More Commissions With This Easy Phrase

Boy, had a great swim in the pool this morning, really worked it hard and now it’s time to get started on my calling this morning.  Hitting my SOI and probate attorneys this morning. 

Had a great conversation with a new seller last night who is really a very parsimonious (there’s a good word for you today) pain in the ass.

She hates spending money on anything and is constantly “nickel and diming” everyone.

I mean come on, I don’t like it when sellers get on my case about commissions and when they don’t recognize the amount of work us Epic listing agents do to sell homes.

But she is a friend and past client, so I feel obligated to work with her.

I have a simple answer when sellers ask for me to reduce my commission. 

“No, any other questions?”

You see, sometimes sellers just feel that they have to ask the question and will respect your answer. 

When my friend and past client asked, “Can you reduce your commission to 4%”, I said, “No, any other questions”.  She said “Oh, ok.”  And then we moved on in the conversation.

Be strong and confident when answering them. 

Of course, they may badger you about it afterward.  And I do have many commission cutting scripts in my Top Producer Blueprint online course which you get for free if join the Top Producer Collective.

But sometimes just a quick “No, any other questions” will do the trick.

So be, strong.

Be confident.

And let your “Epic-ness” shine through.

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