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Get More Listings By Always Giving More

I had a crazy call with a seller yesterday who is sort of considering having us list their house for sale.  They have a listing agent already but asked me if we could give our opinion about what the list price should be and what type of marketing should be done.

What was cute about the whole thing is that they wanted to pay us for our time.

We refused and went above and beyond what the seller expected.  She just wanted a verbal list price.  We did a full-blown CMA.

She was ecstatic.  She was so impressed at our listing presentation and the work we put into it, she said she would refer us to others even though the likelihood of getting this listing is small.

This really drove home for me that we as Unleashed listing agents need to be always giving.

Go above and beyond what a seller asks of you.

If they say they want a verbal price, do a full-blown CMA.

If they say they want a 2 hour Sunday open house, do it on Saturday and Sunday for a longer period of time.

If they want written references, give them that and have your references call them as well.

Always give more.

Always be more.

“Always” exceeding their expectations will turn you into a superstar Unleashed Agent.

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