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Get More Listings By HIT’ing Your Sellers

Happy Labor Day!  Hoping that you are taking the day off today to celebrate yourself, as you are an Unleashed listing agent.  The whole point of Labor Day is “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.”

And as part of being an Unleashed listing agent, you have to do one thing that is probably the most important thing in getting new listings.

Differentiate yourself from your competition.

Especially in this highly competitive environment today, where everyone and their brother think they can be a real estate agent, it’s important to really know why you are different.

Think of it as the H.I.T. acronym and you will rock this.

Honesty is key when going for a listing appointment or in your seller interactions.  Tell the truth even if it hurts.  In the long run, this will serve you well. 

Integrity is key as well.  Know why you are trying to help them and use this why in your presentation.  Explain your why to them.   I always use different variations of “My only goal in this process is to see that you accomplish your real estate goals”.

Transparency is key too.  Be “real” with your sellers.  Explain to them how you operate, how you feel about the listing, how you can empathize with their situation.  Even if you haven’t been in their shoes, show them you care.  Be vulnerable with them.

Use H.I.T. in your presentations to sellers and as opposed to constantly saying, “I am number one in my marketplace”. 

Chances are you will get the listing.

And even if you don’t get the listing, you will know that you are operating your business on a level that most agents don’t.

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