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Get Uncomfortable to Get Listings

Just had a great calling session, calling expired listings. Had one person scream at me and one appointment. Not too bad considering I am sort of immune at this point to sellers taking their frustrations out on me.

Many listings agents are uncomfortable when their clients or prospects go off on them for whatever reason. And many agents don’t like that feeling of being out of their comfort zone.

Let me be straight with you.

If you want to become an Epic listing agent and increase your listings and increase your business, you HAVE to make yourself uncomfortable. You HAVE to break out of your box and do a little more, push yourself and get uncomfortable.

THIS is where the magic happens. This is where your increase in business comes from.

Making yourself do more, out of the box, whether it’s more reps at the gym, increasing your business goals, more expired calls, prospecting differently, better choices when eating, whatever it is, pushing yourself to be uncomfortable is the key to bettering your life and bettering your business.

Epic listing agents don’t just do a 2 hour open house, being afraid to talk to anyone and expect their business to thrive.

Go out and be strong, be aggressive (in a good way), push yourself, get uncomfortable, with your business and every other aspect in life.

This is how you can increase your business, increase your self-esteem and just feel good.

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