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Getting Listings From Dead People Too Much?

Was doing a broker’s open house at my new listing and a seller came in with another woman and the seller was asking me how to sell his house, what listing price to use, how the marketing works, etc.  Of course, I start getting all “jiggy” thinking I am going to turn this into a listing! 

Lo and behold, after a 10 min conversation, I ask to see the house so I could give him an evaluation.  The woman turns to me, who I didn’t recognize, and she says, “It’s ok, I will be his listing agent”. 

I was like WTF!

Some people’s ideas are crazy when it comes to milking you for info on selling a house, no?

But one of my Epic listing clients gave me a great idea that we can all use.

Target moving, estate and large garage sales.

Do you ever remember seeing moving sales, estate sales or garage sales on Craigslist? Or in the newspaper?  What if you knew if these people are moving or the owners died?

Look for these type of sales, look the addresses up in the MLS and see if they are listed for sale.  Then contact the ones that aren’t for sale and ask if they would like a free home value report.  Do  you think this could lead to a solid seller lead?

My client used this method to get a few listings and it sounds like this would work.

So give it a try!  What do you have to lose?

Nothing to lose and maybe a listing to gain!

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