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Go “LIVE” To Get Listings

So excited, as this email is going out to you, I’m flying on the Houston to Panama leg of our trip, can’t wait to get back home to our place there. 

And another thing I’m excited about that all Agents Unleashed should be doing are Facebook Lives.  There are lots of reasons I’ve been doing them about 3 times a week:

Facebook live is cost-effective: It’s relatively cheap to go live, and the return is substantial.  I mean, using your cell phone, it costs you nothing and the potential of increased engagement with your audience and real-time interaction can help you boost sales, build relationships, and grow your online reach.

Find and connect with your audience: Your audience is already on Facebook.  And you can position yourself as the real estate expert in your area.

Real-time engagement: Another advantage of Facebook live is real-time engagement and interaction with your audience.

Easy to use and familiarity:  It’s so easy to use!  Even I can use it with my 87 IQ.  LOL!

Mobile live streaming:  I use it anywhere on the go when inspired.  I just did one recently at a showing of one of my listings right before the buyers showed up.

Increase awareness and exposure:   Facebook live is a fantastic tool to increase awareness of your business or personal brand. Apart from the fact that your followers will get notified when you go live, you can also count on better ranking on the news feed.

Productivity boost:  Doing regular vids requires more prep time and more work.  With a FB Live, just shoot it and run with it!

PRO TIP:  I also use Streamyard which takes my FB Lives and simultaneously streams it on Facebook, Linkedin and my Youtube channel.  Well worth the small investment for increased coverage.

So get your phone out and start your FB Lives today!

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