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Gratitude Is Everything

I am going to a Thanksgiving dinner with just 4 of us tomorrow, 3 close friends, they are sort of in my pod so we all feel comfortable socializing during these crazy times.  And the best part is I don’t have to make anything, the others are doing everything!  (I always end up doing clean up though)

This year has been very good for a lot of people and very bad for others.  I get that.

This is a great time of year though to really practice gratitude and really be grateful. 

I know for many it will be hard to find things to be grateful for.

But you can always find something.

A hug?

A smile?

Good health?

Doing things for others?

Use this time to count your blessings, even if it’s only your breath.

I hope you find many things to be grateful for and I hope you have the most amazing Thanksgiving!

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