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Hack Your Way Into a Dream Listing

Hope you had a great weekend!  I, unfortunately, had to work on my income tax preparation since I extended my tax due date to October 15th like I do every year.  With my rental properties and partnerships, there’s no way I could ever do an April 15th due date.

And getting my tax stuff together for my tax attorney depresses the hell out of me.

What does the reverse though is starting my day off right.

I truly believe that the single most important hack to have an amazingly productive day is to make sure you start your day off on the right foot.

And it starts the night before.

If you are working the next day, you owe it to yourself to eat light with no alcohol or caffeine the night before.  Get a good night’s sleep and wake early.

Want more time in your day?

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual.

Then develop a routine that starts off with some sort of quiet time, like meditation, exercise, a healthy light breakfast, goal setting, gratitude affirmations and then start your day.

This is going to be different for everyone.  And that’s ok.

Develop a routine that works for you.

I meditate, swim, eat healthy, do my goals, write out my gratitude affirmations for the day, and then write this email.  Then I get prepared for my prospecting right after doing my emails.

BAM!  That is my perfect morning.

When I start my day like this, I feel like Superman for the rest of the day.

When I don’t, I feel like something is missing and sometimes get a little bitchy (I know it’s hard to imagine me in this state….LOL!).

So hack your way into a beautiful day and a beautiful listing which you’ll find if you start your day like a champ!

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