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Happy New Year Listing Expert!

Wow, do you believe it’s going to be 2023 in 2 days?

It blows my mind that time is going so fast.  The holidays are over and it’s back to doing what we love.

We have so many superstitions in our world.  From Poland, where my family is from, we put out a penny, a nickel, a dime and a quarter on our doorstep on New Year’s Eve to ensure prosperity in the new year.

My partner is from Brazil where they have 185,876 superstitions.  Ladies can’t put their purses on the ground, you can’t wish someone a happy birthday before their actual birthday, etc.

It’s all too much, but I do have one superstition that I firmly believe.

You aren’t going to be an Unleashed listing agent unless you go out and ask for listings.

Call me silly, but we have to work to achieve our goals.  And you’re thinking, OF COURSE, Chris we have to work!

I have been coaching listing agents for many years.  And one thing I know for sure.

Many of us pay a lot of lip service to “being” a top notch listing agent.  But few really want to put in the work that’s needed to make it happen.

So, as we start off the new year with grandiose plans and goals, know that if you really want to make this happen, we have to be committed to putting in the work.  

And don’t make resolutions, they are BS and don’t work (more on that later).

And if you really want a cool brain hack, according to Alex Hormozi, one of my favorite YouTubers, keep asking yourself, “what would a billionaire do?”

So just put the work in.

And the thing is, I know you can do it.  If you commit to it, make it a habit and do it consistently, you WILL be an Unleashed listing agent.

So what will you commit to this year?

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